These Months, Have been Mostly different!!

Well its been a couple months since i last wrote my blog, It did'nt really help with my Internet going down, and then changing provider, and i have to say if i treated my customers like iv been treated, well!! Anyway moan over! What wonderful weather, i have people say we had not much of a summer, well i can only remember a couple of days of wet and windy, we had the tail end of that hurricane and we still trained in that!

This week I have mostly been RE - training!

There are times when normal training techniques don't work, this week has been one of those weeks, It is these sort of situations I needed to sit back and watch and try to understand what is not working, then come up with a new idea or way of explaining what we need to get it right. Answer! cut it down to bare bones and build back up level by level, keep it very simple, change your own visual perpective and observe and understand! good news. we done it! its great to keep learning! happy riding everyone!

This week I have mostly been training!

Why oh why do young minds think they can get away without correct proffesional training and go along and try out testing!

this sunday a independant rider attempted the mod 1 with no training, when he came to the emergency stop, the bike skidded all over the place went sideways and he came off,! nice cbr 125 damaged and possible broken collar bone, (and nobody likes to see that!) well done to Terry and Ben who passed their Mod 1

This Week I have been mostly reflecting!

And we move on! or have we? In July/August edition of BIKE magazine there are reviews on the best bikes of the 70's to the Noughties! yes I've been lucky enough to own a few of them, and rode many more! But !!! is that what its all about? or is it about the rush of ground speed and the noise/smell.