Standard test A2

The DSA believed the best way to undertake correct motorcycle training to test would be to break the test down into modular parts.<

This test is available for anyone between 17 and 75 however it is mostly used for the 17-20's.  This test also suits individuals who may be of a more nervous nature who may prefer cruising to progressive riding.

Once you have passed this test you are restricted to 33bhp for 2 years (33bhp is the equivalent of a 250cc motorcycle). However, you can ride from a 500cc up to unlimited cc motorcycle but you will have it restricted to 33bhp (this is a simple restricter modification which does not ruin the look or damage any part of your bike, it just reduces the harsh accelleration and limits the top speed to approx 115mph). This restriction must be carried out by authorised fitters who will then issue certified paper work. We are authorised fitters and provide this service at a reduced price for the benefit of our customers.

The enhanced rider scheme will:

  • help you get more out of your riding
  • make your riding more enjoyable
  • give you a chance to show your skills - and qualify for an insurance discount as a result
  • Help you to be amongst the best riders who get reduced insurance.

There is no test involved.

Who the enhanced rider scheme is for

The enhanced rider scheme is for fully licensed motorcyclists who have passed their test. It's ideal for you if you:

  • have just passed your test
  • are returning to riding after a break
  • are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle
  • want a health check on your riding
  • just want to make your riding more enjoyable
  • enjoy riding out in groups

Advance Riding

This course is more for those who require more confidence building, maybe you have your own personal issues?, may it be cornering or filtering, we will work on your level and treat you with respect and patience.

Back to Biking

With new development in motorcycle design, modern bikes are faster, lighter and handle very differently to bikes even from a decade ago. If you passed your test years ago and you feel a bit rusty or uncertain about getting straight back on the roads; this course is ideal for you.

Firstly, we will sit down with you and assess your strengths and weaknesses, we will then tailor a program with you in order to work on your riding skills which include, slow control, correct use of brakes, road positioning and road craft training, corners, overtaking and filtering traffic and of course controlled emergency stops.


After the 2 years are up, the restriction on your licence is removed and you can ride any motorcycle, you do not have to take a new test.


Now I have explained about the two types of tests, this is how we go about it!


Please phone us on 01424 736066/07970814216 for more information

Theory test:


The theory test consists of two parts,


Multiple choice questions, 50 questions relating to the Highway Code and general motorcycle safety questions,

Hazard Awareness test, A 15 minute, video clips where you need to recognise potential hazards in which you are awarded points.


The current pass rate is 43 out 50 for the multiple questions and 44 out of 75 for the hazard awareness test. You must pass both parts together!  With 4 hours practice the majority of people pass


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Our recommendation to help you pass the theory test is to buy the official theory motorcycle test! It can be loaded onto pc, DVD and now ipod


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Mod 1 test:


This test was introduced in April 09, although not hard you do need practice to pass this test!
The test is more about slow control and higher speed emergency swerves and stops. This test is undertaken off road in special test centres, and in April 2011 has been updated and made more user friendly.


Before you can undertake your Modular 1 test you first need to complete your CBT and theory test, the MOD 1 test takes about 20 minutes to complete and when passed you will receive a MOD1 pass certificate, if you happen to fail MOD 1 : (  you are able to retake it 3 days later : )


What you have to do for the MOD 1 test


  1. Push your motorcycle backwards in a u turn

  2. Ride your motorcycle through a slalom of cones and then ride though a figure of 8 twice

  3. Ride your motorcycle in a straight line at walking speed


  1. Ride your motorcycle in a U turn

  2. Ride your motorcycle through a set of guiding cones and bring you bike to a controlled stop in between a box of 4 cones

     6. Ride your motorcycle through a set of guiding cones up the speed of 32 mph and bring your motorcycle to a controlled stop under full control when the exaiminer raises his arm.

    7. Ride your motorcycle through the same guiding cones at 32 mph and then avoid a blue cone, finish by bringing your bike to a controlled stop.


Mod 2


This part of the test is undertaken on the road and lasts about 40mins where you given directions over a radio and the examiner follow behind on his motorcycle watching how you deal with various traffic situations and procedures, you will need to undertake a hill start and pull away from the side of the road under full control. Within in the test there is a independent ride part where the exaiminer will ask you to follow some directions this is so he can see you ride more naturally.


At the end of the test he we tell you that you have passed or failed (95% of 1066 trainees pass mod 2 first time)