Young and nervous riders are our speciality

Why choose us

" I really enjoyed doing my training course with 1066...they kept it simple and gave me loads of confidence. The location is lovely, loads of thanks to the girls in the office making me laugh! "

Who are we

Here at 1066 Motorcycle Training, we embrace diversity and we are proud of the success of all of our students with varying skills, experience and goals.

We offer motorcycle training courses taught in a fun and informative manner and always with a hint of humour!

It might be a blast from your past, a dream you thought might never happen, a time of independence, whether you are turning 16 and riding to and from college, or that life changing moment, when it hits you, and you think – hey this could be fun!

Whether you’re emerging from a divorce, you’ve finished paying off your mortgage or you want to say goodbye to endless car journeys – the time has never been so right to visit us at 1066 Motorcycle Training and learn how to ride!

Not only are you taught to ride but you will meet a like minded circle of friends here at 1066. You may wish to join us for rides out, including night rides and trips to the continent.

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