Advanced & ERS Bike Test


What is the Enhanced Rider Scheme?

Get more out of your riding and motorcycle by taking the Enhanced Rider Scheme. You’ll get your own trainer to help you make your riding more enjoyable. You might even have your insurance discounted as this course is recognised by most motorcycle insurance brokers. Once you have completed and passed this course you will get a ‘DSA certificate of competence’. There is no test involved.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme will:

  • Help you get more out of your riding
  • Make your riding more enjoyable
  • Give you a chance to show your skills – and qualify for an insurance discount as a result
  • Help you to be amongst the best riders who get reduced insurance.


Who is the Enhanced Rider Scheme for?

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is for fully licensed motorcyclists who have passed their test. It’s ideal for you if you:

  • Have just passed your test
  • Are returning to riding after a break
  • Are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle
  • Want a health check on your riding
  • Just want to make your riding more enjoyable
  • Enjoy riding out in groups

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Advance Riding

This course is more for those who require more confidence building, maybe you have your own personal issues? Whether it may be cornering or filtering, we will work on your level and treat you with respect and patience.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

One to one Instruction. Priced at £60 p/h

Back to Biking

With new development in motorcycle design, modern bikes are faster, lighter and handle very differently to bikes even from a decade ago. If you passed your test years ago and you feel a bit rusty or uncertain about getting straight back on the roads; this course is ideal for you.

Firstly, we will sit down with you and assess your strengths and weaknesses, we will then tailor a program with you in order to work on your riding skills which include, slow control, correct use of brakes, road positioning and road craft training, corners, overtaking and filtering traffic and of course controlled emergency stops.

All of our post test training is provided on a 1 to 1 basis, tailor made to suit the individual.

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One to one Instruction. Priced at £60 p/h

Overseas Riding?

Riding on the continent is great fun, however they do things slightly differently over there!

1066 is ideally located to offer trips over to France, we are only 1 hour from the Channel crossing or ferries to Calais.

Maybe you’re planning a trip to France or Europe within a group tour and you are wanting practice riding in France to give you that level of confidence before you go! 1066 offer guided rides within France so you can experience overseas riding with the support and guidance from your instructor

Remember all our advanced training is undertaken by our fully qualified Instructors with radio contact at all times.

One to one Instruction. Priced at £60 p/h

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