CBT – Compulsory Basic Training


What is CBT? Who needs to do one?

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training.

If you want to ride up to a 125 cc auto/geared motorcycle or 50cc moped you will need to complete a CBT and it usually takes just one day – though some new students need a bit more training to be safe to ride on our modern busy roads! (the only exception is, if you have held a full car licence before February 2001 you can ride a moped (49cc) without a CBT).

We want you to be relaxed and enjoy your motorcycling – our instructors are friendly approachable and that is the 1066 vibe.

So for the majority who want to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter you will need to do a CBT – but don’t worry it is not a test!

It is a structured training programme and you will learn about clothing and equipment, bike controls , riding skills, road theory and being safe out there. Once you have achieved your CBT and had some riding experience, you may want to get onto a bigger capacity bike and progress your motorcycle adventure!

CBT’s are delivered on different levels depending on your experience. For complete novices full in depth explanations will be provided and for those who can already ride a Q&A technique is our preferred way to ascertain your knowledge.

We always try and set the level of instruction to suit the individual and your goals!

Don’t worry if you have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or any other learning, physical or anxiety issues! At 1066, we are patient teachers who are able to accommodate to individual needs to suit you, just give us a call for a confidential chat. We are genuinely here to help you!

If you’re not quite clear on any licensing points, check the DVSA site or give us a call. It can be a bit complicated these days!


What do I need to achieve my CBT?

  • All you need to undertake your CBT is your Driving Licence, (Full car or Provisional). Just the photo card.
  • At no extra cost, we’ll provide you with all protective clothing you need: helmet, jacket, gloves and boots.
  • The ability to ride a pedal bicycle really helps with balance!


What happens during the CBT?

  • Basic motorcycle familiarity, machine safety checks, identifying where the brakes are and how they work.
  • You will learn to pull away (under control) using throttle and clutch then to stop using your brakes at designated points.
  • The art of slow riding control using your throttle, clutch and back brake.
  • You will ride around some figures of 8 and then do some U turns, (no feet down here!)
  • Learn how to change gear, at our site there’s loads of room to get into 4th gear then back down to first!
  • Explanations on correct use of mirrors and observations and why its important to use them.

Once we have done this we can go into junction procedures. We have our yard all road marked to simulate real road junctions, it really helps getting you ready for the road.

Our last exercise is the controlled/emergency stop, we learn this just in case something pulls out or runs in front of us and we have to stop quickly and under full control.

Once all the practical exercises are finished there is a session on road theory (don’t worry, we do most of the talking and there is no writing!)

The most fun part of the day is the road ride. We are out on the road for a couple of hours using all the new skills you have learnt in the training area, putting them to good use in real life situations. You will be followed by us and using our state of the art two-way Cardo communication systems helping and guiding you safely through your road ride.

Then, the final and best part: “Well done you have completed your CBT training and we can now issue your CBT certificate!”



CBT – One day course including bike hire: £150

CBT – One day retake including bike hire: £130

CBT  – One day retake on your bike: £120

CBT – 1 to 1 pupil to instructor ratio (week days only): £250

CBT Pre-training and Taster Session (2 hr session): £80

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