Full Motorcycle Licence Courses: DAS, A, A2, A1


Full Motorcycle Licence Courses

Full Motorcycle Licences are broken down into categories depending on your age and/or the bike you wish you ride. All full licences allow you to carry passengers, ride on motorways and get rid of those L plates. With all full licence courses , your licence will be restricted to the bike you pass the test on. So if you pass on an automatic, you’ll only be able to ride automatic bikes.

  • ‘A’ Licence – This is the full unrestricted motorcycle licence to ride any size bike. This licence can only be obtained by people 24 years and older or if you have held and A2 licence for 2 years.
  • ‘A2’ Licence – This is a restricted licence for people who are 19 years and older. On an A2 licence you are restricted to a bike up to maximum power of 35Kw or 47Bhp.
  • ‘A1’ Licence – This is a restricted licence for people 17 years of age and older. On an A1 licence you are restricted to a bike up to 125cc.


The Direct Access ‘DAS’ Course

DAS is for those who are over 24 years old and want to ride any motorcycle without any restrictions. ‘Direct Access’ just means going straight to an unrestricted ‘A’ licence.

Your DAS training and test will be completed on a motorcycle with a power output of 54bhp or 40kw or more (normally a 600cc bike or over), DAS may not be suitable for the less confident rider.  We will teach you to ride properly, and not ‘just to pass a test’ (there is a difference!)


A2 Licence Courses

For A2 Licence courses we offer the option to take this course on either an automatic scooter or manual motorcycle. Either bike will be restricted to 47Bhp (usually a 500cc engine.) The A2 course is for anyone aged 19 or older.

You will need to hold the A2 licence for two years or reach the age of 24 before you can move on to a full A licence.

The A2 course may also suit individuals who may be of a more nervous nature who prefer cruising or struggling with the extra weight of a bigger bike.


Course Steps

With all our experience and guidance we teach all that you require to start your motorcycling adventure.

Our aim is to equip our pupils with the ability to ride safely in all road situations, and when you can do that, passing a test is easy.

Of course you might get nervous on test and make a silly mistake, after all we are only human! : )

The DVSA believes the best way to undertake correct motorcycle training for your test is to break the test down into modular parts, To gain your full licence  you will need to complete:

  1. The CBT
  2. Motorcycle Theory Test
  3. Module 1 Test
  4. Module 2 Test



Our prices are inclusive of bike hire, petrol and all insurances and kit loan.

£50 per hour they are for either 2 hours or 4 hour sessions, and you can book them Daily, weekly or when every your time permits, we are flexible to your training needs!

3 day intensive (4hr per day)
Total 12 hours = £600
Recommended for experience riders only

4 day intensive (4hr per day)
Total  16 hours = £800
Recommended for those who have had Previous riding experience

5 day intensive (4hrs per day)
Total 20 hours = £1,000
The industry standard and our recommended intensive course for most new riders

Plus Test Fees
Mod 1 = £25
Mod 2 = £85


Full Motorcycle Licence FAQs

What is the theory test?

The theory test consists of two parts, multiple choice questions -50 questions relating to the Highway Code and general motorcycle safety questions,

Hazard Awareness test, A 15 minute, video clips where you need to recognise potential hazards in which you are awarded points.

The current pass rate is 43 out 50 for the multiple questions and 44 out of 75 for the hazard awareness test. You must pass both parts together! With 4 hours practice the majority of people pass.

Our recommendation to pass the theory test is to buy the official theory motorcycle test! It can be loaded onto PC, DVD and your phone.


What is the Module 1 Test?

The test is more about slow control, and is undertaken off road in special test centres. You will need to be able to:

1. Manual Handling, pushing your motorcycle into a specified area

2. Ride your motorcycle through a salomn of cones and then ride though a figure of 8 twice

3. Ride your motorcycle in a straight line at walking speed

4. Ride your motorcycle in a U turn

5. Controlled Stop. Ride your motorcycle through a set of guiding cones up the speed of 32 mph and bring your motorcycle to a stop under full control within a specified area (box) 1 sqm

6. Emergency Stop. Ride your motorcycle through a set of guiding cones up the speed of 32 mph and bring your motorcycle to a stop under full control

7. Swerve. Ride your motorcycle through a set of guiding cones up to the speed of 32 mph and swerve a cone before stopping your motorcycle in a controlled manner


What is the Module 2 Test?

This part of the test is undertaken on the road and lasts about 40 minutes. You will be given directions over a radio and the examiner follows behind on his motorcycle assessing how you deal with various traffic situations and procedures.

You will need to complete a hill start and pull away from the side of the road under full control. A part of the test involves approximately 10 minutes of independent riding. This means that the examiner gives you directions before you set off, you then follow those directions and are expected to read road signs, speed limits etc with no input from the examiner.

You will not be assessed on your ability to remember the directions so if you get them wrong you will not fail, the examiner is using this task to ensure you are capable of riding safely and following the highway code independently.

At the end of the test he will tell you whether you have passed or failed (95% of 1066 trainees pass Module 2 first time).

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