Why 1066?

Discover Why We Rock!

1. We Are Hugely Experienced

With over 100 years total experience between 5 instructors we have dealt with most situations to keep your training safe and secure, giving you confidence and the HEADS UP for testing and future post test riding, however we are still learning!

We have our own in house training to train our future instructors and frequent in house progression testing keeping us on the ball! 1066 also trains the SERVE blood runners which is a charity to deliver blood and donor parts for the South East hospitals.

2. We Are a Caring and Friendly Community

We run an open coffee house in the yard where the kettle is always on, there is no better way to meet like minded people while training or after training, we even have a Facebook group where you meet up and go for breakfast and a great ride out.

3. Amazing Location

Bexhill on sea is located on the south coast, a lovely sea side town with rides along side the sea and good country roads, fresh air, oh and the elderly! everything can happen here! but its a great place to train : )

4. VIP / Bespoke Training

There are many reasons why and where you want to train, thats fine. We can offer bespoke training for you, 1 to 1 or hire out the yard for your own training facility.

Then there is always my…. Martini training option! …anytime any place! Not the most economic way to learn, however, when its not all about the money!

This is a service reserved for people who want to keep their training to themselves. #yoursecretissafewithme Email me personally at neilbrennanwright@gmail.com

5. We'll Get You on Two Wheels

Looking for help and advice buying a bike? Visit our sales website 1066motorcycles.co.uk to see a full range of new and secondhand motorcycles and scooters.

" I have loved bikes for years but always been to busy too get my test done, I looked around for a 1 to1 training course and found 1066 VIP course, it was tailor made for me and worked around my busy schedule, he even helped me getting the right protective clothing and safety helmet, they were very professional and i passed both tests first time. Thank you 1066 "
52 years old - VIP Training, Direct Access Training
" I thought the guys at 1066 were great! I felt totally welcome, it was a really chilled and relaxed atmosphere and I completed in the first day. "